ER Nurse Who Has Been Watching ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Since She Was A Kid Wins $56K On The Show

ER Nurse Who Has Been Watching ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Since She Was A Kid Wins $56K On The Show

May 5, 2020 Off By stuartsupplies

During times like these, it’s important to focus on the good news that’s happening daily. And, that includes game show wins. A 34-year-old ER nurse named Arzo Mehdavi won big on Wheel of Fortune, and her cash prize will likely make a big difference in her life.

The episode aired on April 23 and saw Arzo winning over $56k. Many of us can only dream about making it onto a show like Wheel of Fortune. Arzo admitted she’s been watching the show since she was a child, meaning that this was a bucket list moment in her life.

“I’ve been a fan of Wheel of Fortune since I was a little girl,” she told Good Morning America. “My parents immigrated from Afghanistan in the 1980s and Wheel of Fortune became one of their favorite shows.” Being able to finally spin the wheel in person was a dream come true.

It’s always good to see heroes like Arzo win. The episode was filmed before social distancing practices were taking place. However, she managed to create her own watch party by connecting with friends over Zoom. As a bonus, they made a cake. And, plenty of other desserts to celebrate Arzo’s big win.

She also kept her big win a secret, which built up the anticipation even more. ” It was fun seeing all of their reactions,” she said. “They had no idea what the outcome was going to be so it made it even more fun!” However, there was one special guest on the Zoom call to make it even more of a thrill.

Arzo said that Vanna White herself joined the Zoom call to help celebrate her win. It must have been an exciting surprise for Arzo’s family. Vanna is such an iconic part of the show, and it’d be hard to picture Wheel of Fortune without her.

That part came as a huge surprise for the winner. “I think everyone was shocked, including me,” she said. “We couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t hold back my tears, happy tears. I was incredibly grateful she took time out of her day to join us and chat with us.”

Vanna seemed quite appreciative of all the work that Arzo’s been doing behind the scenes. “She has such a big heart and said some really kind things to me during the Zoom session,” Arzo admitted. “Her joining us and showing love and support made an already incredible experience unforgettable for me.”

The win came at a good time. Being able to connect with so many people in regards to her episode made her remember that there’s still so much good in the world. Being a nurse is a terrifying occupation right now, and Arzo is putting her own life at risk every day.

“I thought I was surely going to end up becoming a meme after the show aired. It was the complete opposite — everyone has shown so much love!” she said. “The Afghan-American community, both locally and abroad, has been sending their congratulations and considering this a win for the community.”

“For 30 minutes on a Thursday night, people across America got to relive the excitement and joy I felt…” she said. “They were able to forget the struggle we are in for a little bit and watch me play America’s Game.” It wasn’t just a win for Arzo — it was a win for her whole community and a good reminder that there’s still life beyond this health scare.

Things might not be the same as they were just a month ago. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find ways to feel joy. Seeing Arzo play the game well before she went on to help save people’s lives is just a reminder that we still need these moments in order to survive. We need to find things that make us happy.

“If I can bring her any kind of joy for all the hard work and dedication she has given to so many, I would do it a thousand times,” Vanna said to People. “It’s just overwhelming what they are doing, so it makes me feel so good to give back just a touch. It’s nothing for what they do for us.”

“I want to thank each and every one of them for their dedication and hard work and putting themselves out there,” Vanna continued. “Everyone from the medical professionals, the first responders, the essential retail workers, the delivery people, the restaurant workers, the teachers, just everyone. I’m so grateful that they are there for us.”